Thursday, April 28, 2005

I'm Speechless!!!

Even when parents WANT to take responsibility for their kids...they can't!!! Who is raising our children now...schools filled with liberal agendas or their own parents? Are we a communist state now?!

This is just another reason why I support vouchers for private schools. Why should only the privelged be presented with the opportunity to get a solid education without indocrtination (and get ahead in life)? Let's face it...competition yeilds positive results (including better schools and education). Vouchers would provided just that...competition among schools to attract more money.

Why should our tax money be dispersed to educate the less fortunate? Because it benefits us all when we provide better opportunities which result in less crime and social problems and more success and motivation. Ecuation solves a lot of problems and it is clearly a great investment for all of us!

Lexington school calls cops on dad irate over gay book

By Laura CrimaldiThursday, April 28, 2005 - Updated: 02:39 AM ESTPolice arrested a Lexington father who refused to leave the Joseph Estabrook School yesterday after school officials rejected his demands that his 6-year-old son be shielded from any discussions about gay households.

David Parker, 42, confronted officials after his son brought home ``Who's in a Family,'' a storybook that includes characters who are gay parents.

Yesterday, Parker refused to leave a meeting after Lexington Superintendent Bill Hurley rejected his demand that he be notified when his son is exposed to any discussion about same-sex households as part of classroom instruction.

``Our parental requests for our own child were flat-out denied,'' Parker said in a statement.
Parker also asked that the boy be pulled from similar discussions that arise spontaneously, said Brian Camenker, director of the Article 8 Alliance, which supports the ouster of four pro-gay marriage judges on the state's Supreme Judicial Court.

School officials could not be reached for comment.


Anonymous said...

Hey dude, just seeing if your site works 'cause it hasn't been posting my comments...


B2 said...

Works fine!!! I think it was operator error on your part!


Anonymous said...

I think you just erased all my good "liberal" commentary that totally brought down all you conservative theories! Controlling the media, you're ready to be on Bush's cabinet :)


Anonymous said...

Ooops, I forgot to actually comment on this post. I mean, really, what are they gonna do next, have our kids read books about blacks, or jews or something?

Just joking, I know what you mean, but I think homosexuality is now a large enough part of society where you can't just keep it out of the mix. I would like to think that the education system won't focus on it though, give parents a chance to influence and teach their children as per their wishes. I don't think private schooling would solve any of this. I think if the parents feel this strongly they should consider home-schooling.


B2 said...

I did no such thing! ;-) You know I value and treasure every little jem of knowledge you offer! ;-)

In all honesty though...I really do want all ideas and view points to come together here. In fact...I find it hard to find good liberal intellects such as yourself and I am of the opinion that a lot of it has to do with the fact that conservative viewpoints are so supressed at colleges and universities that liberals don't learn how to defend their viewpoints, while consevatives are fighting a constant battle and in doing so, not only strengthening their arguments but also getting good at doing so. With the exception of you and a few others I know...most liberals don't present arguments that they have developed themselves but rather what they have absorbed someplace else (usually Michael Moore or a Hollywood Celebrity)!

As for this topic here. I'm not really stating whether homosexuality should or should not be taught in public schools, but rather that a parent should be presented with such difficulty when objecting or tryig to opt their child out of such.

I agree that home schooling may be a great option. I also believe however...that private schools are also a great option. I attended a Catholic high school and received what I feel was a well rounded and respectful sex education that was within the exceptable bounds of my parental figures. When a child reaches college age...they can attend whatever classes they chose, but while a parent is rearing a child...they should be allowed to do so within their parameters. When we start assuming that the government knows how to raise our children better than parents...we start to slide into dangerous grounds. Grounds that many liberals probably support and would enjoy, but dangerous none the less!

To be clear...when I say I support vouchers for private schools, that could be liberal private schools that include homosexuality or other radical topics in their sex ed curriculum. Parents could then chose to send their kid to a school of their choice based on what best fits their desires. It would be up to each school to present the best curriculm possible so they can be competitive in the marketplace (wheter that be conservative, liberal, mixed, etc.) Supply and demand would bring about a mixed, but more importantly BETTER quality selection of schools to choose from. This is better than the present choice of "whatever is available" for those parents who can't afford better. They don't exactly get to choose to raise their kids within their parameters so how can we blame them for failing in raising their children.

Summed up: I believe overall...parents know better than the government, how to raise their own children!!!