Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Frighteningly Ironic!!!

In typical liberal hypocrisy...

Colgate, a private university in upstate New York and once a premier liberal arts college is fast becoming the most restrictive campus in America, a borderline example of liberal totalitarianism.

Its administration has declared war on the Greek fraternity and sorority system which intends to crush. It is confiscating their houses under threat that if they don't sell them to the university they will be banned. But once the houses are sold Greek life will come under the draconian thumb of the Colgate Administration. All students except for a small group of privileged trusties will be forced to live under direct university supervision. If 8 students or more decide to live together in non-university supervised housing they will be subject to suspension or expulsion. If any Colgate student joins an organization that the university does not explicitly approve, they will be subject to suspension or expulsion.

Now comes this prohibition from the administration against "mass emails" that would allow students to organize in their interests:

'This email will serve as a reminder to you that it is against Colgate University email policy to send unauthorized mass emailings: Individuals should not attempt to circumvent the approval process by manual manipulation of recipient lists, or by other means of sending email to entire segments of the Colgate community. The entire policy can be viewed at http://computing.colgate.edu/policy/appa.asp . Senders of unauthorized mass emails are subject to sanctions that could include suspension of computing privileges and disciplinary action from the Dean of the College."

BTW: The Dean of the College, Adam Weinberg is a George Soros operative heading his national organization with a perfect Orwellian name: Democracy Matters. Democracy Matters is headquartered at Colgate.


Anonymous said...

Big Brother's always watching and controlling, in all walks of life. Seems pretty typical of any institution, both conservative and liberal.


B2 said...

Sure...but ironic stemming from a man in charge of a liberal organization called "Democracy Matters" don't you think?! ;-)

xGate said...

I thought this kind of thing only happens in flimsy Ayn Rand plots. Democracy of the enlightened demogogues. The trustees and president are so out of whack, especially in their claims that these ridiculous moves are contiguous with Colgate traditions. Only in a cold, inhospitable and culturally isolated speck could such wackos exhibit such assanine hubris