Friday, August 12, 2005

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Planned Parenthood Animated Video Riles Pro-Lifers

By Alexa Moutevelis
August 11, 2005

An animated video produced for a Planned Parenthood chapter in California, advocating sexual activity by teenagers and violence against conservatives who oppose abortion, was removed from the organization's website Tuesday, but the reaction to the video itself is still pouring in.

Jim Sedlak, executive director of American Life League's STOPP International, told Cybercast News Service that what the animation "really shows is that if you don't agree with Planned Parenthood, then they want to eliminate you violently."

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (PPGG), based in San Francisco, produced the video entitled, "A Superhero for CHOICE" and posted the video on its main website. The video was noticed by a conservative blogger on Friday, Aug. 5. It features a female superhero called Dianisis, presumably named after the president and CEO of PPGG, Dian J. Harrison. Dianisis travels the world fighting for 'choice.'

"It starts out with an abstinence educator who is simply trying to tell kids that if they want to avoid STDs and other problems, that they should abstain from sexual activity. Planned Parenthood's response is to drown him in a garbage can," Sedlak said.

"Then you have pro-life protestors outside a Planned Parenthood and in the video, [Planned Parenthood] even admit[s] that these people are not violent, they are doing everything legal, but she just wishes they would go away, so she shoots them with a condom gun and blows them up," Sedlak added.

The next scene takes place in Washington, D.C., where a white, Southern-accented senator is creating "I-can-do-whatever-I-want-to-do stew" by boiling papers that say "Civil Rights," "Bill of Rights," "First Amendment," and "Constitution." The senator explains that he comes "from a long line of grandiose narcissists, where quite simply the laws of these United States do not apply."

After the senator puts a document marked "Roe v. Wade" into the pot, Dianisis tosses him in the stew.

As Sedlak explained, "They have the politician in Washington D.C. who doesn't agree with them so they boil him in water and he comes out on a platter like a stuffed pig with an apple in his mouth and then starts espousing Planned Parenthood philosophy."

The senator exclaims, "I feel cleansed! I no longer have the stench of misinformed conservatism! I want all women everywhere to have the ability to choose what they do with their bodies."

Dianisis is pleased. "That's more like it, and besides, money spent now for the funding of family planning will save billions of dollars in future social expenditures."

At the end of the video, Dianisis heads off, saying, "I have an appointment with the Reverend Jerry Falwell - that shm***," using the Yiddish vulgarity to refer to the evangelical leader.

During the ending credits, a pro-life protestor gets his head chopped off with a condom.

"This video is absolutely outrageous," said Douglas R. Scott, president of Life Decisions International in a press release. "Pro-life men and women are depicted as evil and stupid. It sends a message to teenagers that it is acceptable to eliminate those who disagree. It is also riddled with misinformation about birth control, abortion, and sexual activity."

Sedlak agreed, "The real message of Planned Parenthood here is that, 'If you don't agree with us, then you deserve to either be killed or forcibly made to change your mind.

"We think the video really shows the total frustration of Planned Parenthood," he continued. "Planned Parenthood itself has been losing support around the country. They've closed down a clinic a month for the last 10 years, having closed 120 clinics since 1995."

Sedlak called for taxpayers to cut off Planned Parenthood funds. "People should understand that we give Planned Parenthood $265 million a year in taxpayer money. That particular affiliate in San Francisco, PPGG, gets over $9 million a year in government money -- just that one affiliate and this is what they're spending the money on; on films promoting violence."

The video disappeared from the PPGG website sometime Tuesday afternoon with no explanation. Calls made to Planned Parenthood were not returned as of publication.

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Anonymous said...

'Cause there are no records of violent acts against these girls that are trying to walk into abortion clinics and being physically held or verbally assaulted.


B2 said...

Not promoted by a Pro-Life organization...say like Birth Right, etc.

Come on man! Don't rationalize this. It looks terrible when you make up excuses for something we all know is wrong!!!

Anonymous said...

Excuses? You take isolated incidents and show them as proof that your way is the right way, justifying your opinions. Don't tell me there's no agenda to your posts. They're not random, they always support your political and social views.


B2 said...

Of course I post what I feel. That's why this is my blog. I'm not running a blog to support leftist ideas. I'm running a blog to promote conservative views and to show where the left is WRONG!!!

I'm just saying here...THIS IS WRONG!!!

Anonymous said...

You can't take extreme situations and post them as examples of general truths. It's misleading.


B2 said...

One would think this was just an isolated extreme situation from planned parenthood and the pro-abortion left. Unfortunately it isn't. I have posted many similiar situations to make people aware that what they may percieve as an extreme situation or two...IS actually a general truth.