Friday, August 26, 2005

We're Not Alone!

It seems to me that there are two types of countries/citizens out there. The kind that appease the enemy to try and avoid retribution (Spain), AND...the kind that refuses to tuck tail and run, but stands up for their rights at all costs! Check it out...

UN Too Focused on Terrorists' Rights, Says UK Minister
( - A United Nations human rights official has urged the British government not to go ahead with plans to deport foreign Islamist radicals, but the minister responsible for law and order suggested the U.N.'s focus was skewed.\ForeignBureaus\archive\200508\FOR20050825c.html

Britain to Expel for 'Hate' Speech
Britain outlined tough new rules yesterday under which "preachers of hate," who promote or glorify terrorism, will be thrown out of the country or banned from entering it.

Embrace Our Values or Leave, Australia Tells Islamists
( - The Australian government has stepped up a campaign against radical Muslims, saying those wanting to live under Islamic law or refusing to accept "Australian values" should leave. At the same time, it plans to monitor mosques to ensure that radical messages are not being taught.\ForeignBureaus\archive\200508\FOR20050825d.html

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