Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ray Nagin and the Chocolate Factory

Nagin's 'Chocolate' Remark Sparks T-Shirt Craze

T-shirts making fun of Mayor Ray Nagin's remark that New Orleans would once again be a "chocolate city" are in high demand, with recent orders coming in from overseas countries, according to a Local 6 News report.

A company said it has filled thousands of orders of T-shirts featuring Nagin in a top hat as Willy Wonka. The shirt has the words "Willy Nagin and the Chocolate Factory" printed on it.

A creator of Nagin T-shirts said he has received orders from as far away as Malaysia and Norway, according to a report.

"We all heard the speech and jaws hit the floor and we said, 'No he did not say that,'" a T-shirt creator said in the Local 6 News report. "The mayor unfortunately did (say that) and we said what can we do?"

The company also sells Nagin hats and bumper stickers with the "Willy Nagin and the Chocolate Factory" slogan.

A company representative said they have sold about 3,000 shirts in the first two weeks of offering the product.

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