Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell Racist Or Hypocrite?

After listening to Mr. Powell's rationalization for his endorsement of Obama today, I couldn't help but be saddened that a public figure that I had respected for so long couldn't avoid the poison of racism himself.

This is a man who had prior to today, dedicated his life to upholding and defending the American principles of the GOP. Who had committed his life to preserving the free-market capitalism that our country had been built on. How easily Mr. Powell turned his support to the anti-American socialist policy pushed by Senator Obama. It concerns me how easy it was for Mr. Powell to sell-out on all of his convictions and to support what he had spent his life fighting against, over the color of skin.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that Mr. Powell dislikes Senator McCain because of skin color, but it is clear to me that he overlooked his principles based on the color of Senator Obama's skin. And to make a decision based on the color of someone's skin rather than content of character IS racism! To me, this is the only clear explanation. If Mr. Powell was not motivated by racism then what? Had he accepted positions and defended GOP principles that he disagreed with for all of these years to advance his political career? Racism or hypocrisy?

I lean towards racism based on the commets that Mr. Powell made on Sept. 15th at George Washington University. Mr. Powell was quoted as saying, "electing an African-American US president would be “electrifying” for the world." .

During his endorsement Sunday, Mr. Powell cited Gov. Palin's lack of experience for the VP position but didn't even touch on the subject that Gov. Palin actually has more experience for the Presidency (Executive Branch) than Senator Obama has. Was Mr. Powell so willing to overlook Obama's under-qualifications because of race?

Still doubt what Mr. Powell's decision was based on? Rush Limbaugh brings up a good point to consider: "Where are the inexperienced, white liberals Powell has endorsed?"


Anonymous said...

Totally disgusted with Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama. Should we have expected any different. I have lost a lot of respect for him with this move. Yes, he is a racist and he should be ashamed of himself. This election has not brought unity between races it has divided us more and more. I am democrat who will be voting for McCain. I am voting experience period....and so are many of my friends. Media will be totally surprised when McCain wins on November 4th....Obama can crawl back in his hole where he came from. He will have company though Powell and Obama and their racist followers.

Anonymous said...

Colin Powell splits with son over White House race

By Alexander Bolton
Posted: 10/20/08 02:21 PM [ET]
Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee, has put him at odds with his own son, former Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Michael Powell.

Michael Powell, who served as a policy adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney, is a surrogate for John McCain and represents the GOP nominee on the campaign trail.

He endorsed McCain early in the Republican primary in January, and said the Arizona senator was the best candidate to “calm the turbulent economic waters and to steer the new economy in a direction that will bring growth, opportunity and prosperity to all Americans.”

Powell contributed $1,000 to McCain the day of the Iowa caucuses and another $1,000 before the Florida primary. In August, he defended McCain, who had said he rarely uses the Internet, as someone who “understands technology very well” from his time as chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Technology.

Powell was not available Monday for comment.

His father, Colin Powell, has long been a friend of McCain’s, and in endorsing Obama, the senior Powell broke with the Republican establishment.

Colin Powell supported McCain’s 2000 presidential campaign, and McCain promised then to name Powell as secretary of State, a position Powell would later hold under President Bush.

But Powell said he was impressed by Obama’s steadiness, intellectual curiosity and depth of knowledge. He called McCain’s running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, unready to become president in case of emergency.

Liberal and conservative commentators alike declared the former secretary of State’s endorsement a major boost for Sen. Obama (D-Ill.).

The younger Powell, however, who still has much of his career in front of him, has lined up solidly behind McCain. If McCain becomes president he could appoint Powell to several administration positions.

Michael Powell served as chairman of the FCC under Bush from 2001 to 2005. During his tenure he advocated for bigger fines to punish obscenity and indecent content.

Most famously, the FCC under Powell fined Viacom, the owner of CBS, $550,000 for Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” during the 2004 Super Bowl.

He has addressed the media as a technology adviser to McCain’s campaign, and told National Public Radio in August that McCain has the experience to help create the economic and social conditions for tech businesses to thrive.

Michael Powell serves as senior adviser of Providence Equity Partners and rector of the board of visitors of the College of William and Mary. He also serves on the boards of Cisco Systems, ObjectVideo and the Rand Corporation.

He served under Cheney during former President George H.W. Bush’s administration, when Cheney held the position of Defense secretary.

Colin Powell served as chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff under George H.W. Bush and national security adviser to former President Ronald Reagan.