Friday, March 20, 2009

Accomplishments Of Last 10 Presidents

Let's examine the accomplishments of the presidents of the last half century":

Dwight D. Eisenhower, Republican, served two-terms marked by enormous economic growth, a strong military that thwarted Russian efforts to spread Communism and unprecedented improvements in racial equality.

John F. Kennedy, Democrat, while not chasing Marilyn Monroe around the White House, managed to bungle the Bay of Pigs invasion and struggled through the Cuban missile crisis.

Lyndon B. Johnson, Democrat, used an imaginary incident in the Tonkin Gulf to escalate our involvement in the Vietnam War, enlarged government and entitlement programs and began the "Great Society," better known as Socialism 101.

Richard M. Nixon, Republican, ended the Vietnam War perhaps as best as it could be done, normalized relations with China, achieved detente with Russia and instituted enhanced revenue sharing from the federal government to states and municipalities. Unfortunately, he resigned over reasons much less criminal than at least one of his successors.

Gerald Ford, Republican, was instrumental in getting the Education for all Handicapped Children Act of 1975 passed, used income tax rebates to boost the 1975 economy and refused to bail out New York City when it faced bankruptcy.

Jimmy Carter, Democrat, introduced our economy to interest rates exceeding 20 percent, failed to gain release of U.S. Embassy employees held hostage in Iran, and gave away the Panama Canal.

Ronald Reagan, Republican, restored "the great confident roar of American progress, growth and optimism," obtained legislation to stimulate economic growth, curb inflation, increase employment and strengthen national defense, cut taxes and government expenditures, bombed Libya when Libyans were involved in killing American soldiers in West Berlin. His policy was "Peace through strength."

George H. W. Bush, Republican, overthrew Gen. Noriega in Panama, drove Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait and witnessed the break-up of the Soviet Union.

William J. Clinton, Democrat, failed to report when notified by the Draft Board and was the first felon to be elected president, was impeached in 1998 for having a liaison with a White House intern, gave "most favored nation trading status" to China and sold them computer technology which aided their intercontinental ballistic missile capability. He drastically reduced U.S. military strength. He and his attorney general Janet Reno killed Americans in Waco, Texas, causing Timothy McVay to blow up a federal building in Oklahoma.

George W. Bush, Republican, prevented more terrorist attacks in our country, supported a comprehensive energy plan involving all types of innovation and exploration, instituted tax cuts, achieved victory for the Iraqi people by overthrowing Saddam Hussein and re-strengthened our military.

Now the platforms of the two parties:

Republicans favor small government; lower taxes; less government involvement; love the Second Amendment; favor right-to-work laws; believe in individual responsibility and personal achievement; want a strong military, believe people should be able to keep most of what they earn; believe marriage is between a man and a woman; want government to be responsible to the people and believe people know what is best for themselves.

Democrats favor big government; higher taxes; more involvement in our lives; think government should get the bulk of what every citizen earns; believe anyone ought to be able to marry; believe people should have little or no voice in the governing process; and believe that government knows what is best for the people.

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