Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Unions Must Go!!!

Obama will waste money propping up his backers - the unions. A big cause the of the auto industries problems are unions.

They served a purpose at one time. Unions were formed to compensate for the lack of adequate labor laws many decades ago (such as minimum wage). There are sufficient laws and regulations in place to protect workers’ rights along with the free market providing competitive benefits packages that make the need for unions moot.

Unions are now self serving entities that price our workforce out of competition for work and is driving jobs out of this country. Their greed is hurting all Americans. Teachers unions are another problem. The policy of tenure is an insult to all working Americans who have to prove themselves daily to keep their jobs. Take a look where you work and think how productive people would be if they knew they reached a point where they knew they couldn't be fired?

This is the Land of Opportunity not the Land of the Un-motivated! WE have always worked hard to achieve not to sit back and get it handed to us at other peoples expense. This country is the land of Free Market Capitalism not a welfare/entitlement state! If we no longer intend to lead the world as an economic free market engine then we might as well call ourselves French.

Change is coming - have a tea party! Hail to the Thief!

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