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Stats Speak For Themselves On The Economy!!!

Why don't folks catch on here? It's so black and white that I just don't see how intelligent people can look at the facts and still argue? Toss me a friggin bone here people?! Everyone likes to talk about "change"...well don't you think it's time to TRY some change in those states and cities that liberal polices aren't working?! COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!!!

Happiness Index: Nebraska Nabs Top SpotBy Stephen Dalton

The folks in Nebraska are happier than you.

The state that brought you "Kool-Aid” and “CliffsNotes” and the world’s richest person, Warren Buffett (Stock Quote: BRK.A), is feeling better off than the rest of us, according to’s new Happiness Index.

We all know that money alone can’t buy happiness, but having a job, home and enough money to cover your basic budgetary needs is a good start.

The Cornhusker state was awarded the top ranking because:

It ranked 2nd overall in lowest number of foreclosures
It ranked 2nd in lowest unemployment rates
It ranked 5th in lowest percentage of non-mortgage debt by income

The Happiness Index, which looks at household income, debt, employment and foreclosures, is a fresh take on the old and tired Misery Index, made popular in the 1970s. The Misery Index takes into account unemployment and inflation rates and seeks to identify the most financially miserable places to live.

The Happiness Index, on the other hand, is all about which states are best weathering the current economic storm.

Contrary to popular wisdom that densely populated urban areas of the country have ‘recession-proof’ housing markets and boast impressively high average salary ranges, The Happiness Index suggests that the Midwest is the main source of financial happiness. After Nebraska in the top spot, Iowa and Kansas came in at 2 and 3 on the list of the most financially happy states.

Other states did better than Nebraska in particular areas, but none had a higher blended average. Maryland, for example, was burdened by higher unemployment and foreclosure rates despite having one of the lowest percentages of annual income spent on non-mortgage debt.

There are some interesting trends that can be gleaned from the Happiness Index. Not surprisingly, many of the states that experienced a boom during the housing bubble have more recently fallen by the wayside with increased foreclosures and debt.

Also, check out some coverage of the Happiness Index on ABC's Good Morning America.

Best and Worst States for Business

Best States:
1.) Texas
2.) North Carolina
3.) Florida
4.) Georgia
5.) Tennessee
(Red States with conservative economic policies)

Worst States:
1.) California
2.) New York
3.) Michigan
4.) New Jersey
5.) Massachusetts
(Blue States with liberal economic policies)

America's Poorest Cities Run By Democrats For Far Too Long!!!
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly a third of the residents in Detroit, Michigan, and Buffalo, New York are living beneath the poverty line, the highest rates among large cities in the entire country.
Is there a perfect answer? Probably not. But what bothers me is that people stubbornly stick to their solution, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that it's not working.

For example, Detroit, whose mayor has been indicted on felony charges, hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1961. Buffalo has been even more stubborn. It started putting a Democrat in office back in 1954, and it hasn't stopped since.

Unfortunately, those two cities may be alone at the top of the poverty rate list, but they're not alone in their love for Democrats. Cincinnati, Ohio (third on the poverty rate list), hasn't had a Republican mayor since 1984. Cleveland, Ohio (fourth on the list), has been led by a Democrat since 1989. St. Louis, Missouri (sixth), hasn't had a Republican since 1949, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (eighth), since 1908, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (ninth), since 1952 and Newark, New Jersey (10th), since 1907.

The only two cities in the top 10 that I didn't mention (Miami, Florida, and El Paso, Texas) haven't had Republicans in office either -- just Democrats, independents or nonpartisans.

Five of the 10 cities with the highest poverty rates (Detroit, Buffalo, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Newark) have had a Democratic stranglehold since at least 1961: more than 45 years. Two of the cities (Milwaukee and Newark) have been electing Democrats since the first Model T rolled off the assembly line in 1908.

Two cities, 100 years, all Democrats.

"So how's that "hope" and "change" working out for ya?!"

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