Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Obama moving country not towards socialism, but fascism!

How many US Citizens actually understand what is going on?

Since Obama became President we have seen the introduction of Czars. In fact we now have sixteen Czars with more planned. But why do we have Czars by definition they are dictators, so if we are a Republic why do we have dictators ruling our lives.

The reason is that we have moved away from being the Republic that the Constitution created and have moved not to Socialism but to Fascism. The definition of Fascism is “a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.”

Czars provide the opportunity to expand the Executive Branch by reducing the impact of Congress. In affect taking away responsibilities given to the Congress in the following ways:

1. They derive their authority directly from the President.

2. They are accountable only to the President.

3. Congress cannot subpoena Czars to testify before their committees because they are considered Presidential staff.

4. Cabinet Members who are approved by Congress and must report to Congress are subservient to the Czars under Presidential Mandate and must implement policies and actions requested by the Czar.

5. Czars control how TARP and Omnibus money is spent in a department over the objections of the Cabinet Members who are responsible to Congress for spending within their department.

6. Absolutely no over site by Congress or any other branch of the government on their actions, the policies they implement, the results of their efforts or spending.

Czars as a result provide tremendous amount of new powers to the Executive Office specifically denied in the Constitution. President Obama also has canceled and created more Presidential Executive Orders than any other President in history and he has not been in office six months. He is in fact becoming a dictator by side stepping the Congress and the Constitution. Just imagine the reaction of the Media if President Bush had done this.

In the Constitution the control of the purse strings is limited to the Congress. Both the Omnibus Bill and TARP Bill have moved those responsibilities to the Executive Branch. It is the Czars that control how that money will be spent, not the Congress. Not only have they lost control of the money but also the intent of both spending bills. TARP was originally intended to purchase troubled assets from financial institutions to protect the banking system. Instead TARP has purchased Citibank, General Motors, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Chrysler and AIG. By controlling the largest vendor in an industry helps provide one more trait of Fascism “regimenting all industry and commerce”. As financial institutions return parts of the TARP money Treasury is using it to finance other projects thus making it a slush fund for the Administration. Congress never gave the authority to purchase a controlling interest in any of these companies or industries and it certainly did not expect that it would create a slush fund controlled by the Executive Branch via the Treasury.

These companies control industries that represent 50% of the economy and now the Obama Administration is taking on health care. Health care alone makes up 19% of the economy. If government is able to control health care it will give them 70% control over the nation’s economy.

In the Omnibus Bill a little known authority was created called the “Medical Advisory Council”. This council has the responsibility to address what treatments, medications and procedures may be offered to a patient by a doctor. These restrictions may vary based on age and general physical health. Once the policies have been agreed to within the Council then Congress is given an all or nothing vote on their findings. Congress cannot alter a single or group of items suggested by the Council. Once approved by Congress, the findings become law. You have to ask why the News Media is not talking about this Council!

ABC News has authorized the Obama Administration to use their network to discuss the new healthcare program from the Blue Room of the White House. The government will provide all of the programming and will not allow an alternative view point to be discussed or offered by the Republican Party or by the AMA. This is simply government control over our news media with government controlled censorship of the news. “Forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism;” another feature of Fascism.

Yes we have moved not from a Republic to Socialism but to Fascism. When asked when leaving the Constitutional Congress Benjamin Franklin was asked, “What have you wrought”? Franklin replied, “A Republic…If you can keep it.”

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