Thursday, December 31, 2009

You Can't Consume More Than You Produce; Take More Than You Give/Create!!

If Obama had asked YOU to go out to the bank and take out a loan for $37,000 and give him the money so that he could give it to the banks and car companies and mortgage companies and spend it on cash for clunkers, would you have said, "sure, no problem, okay"?

That is EXACTLY what happened! Against our wishes, when the stimulus bill was passed, each and every one of us (spouse and children included) each were forced to take out a loan for $37,000 and give it to the government, all at the stroke of Obama's pen! Even though polls clearly showed that when he asked us for the money, we said "NO".

Now he is asking for an even bigger loan in this healthcare bill! He claimed the ... stimulus $$$ was needed to prevent unemployment from reaching 8% but now it sits at 10.2% and that doesn't include unemployed workers who have abandoned their job search or accepted part-time work. Those two groups would push the unemployment rate to a staggering 17.5 percent.

Think the healthcare bill won't be a similiar disaster?! Take a look at how well it worked for Hawaii when they tried gov't. healthcare for children in the state of Hawaii! Bankrupt within 7 months leaving Hawaiin kids without any insurance: . Imagine that catastrophe on a national level!!!

And I'm sure there are some folks out there who are true Marxists with Communist ideals who believe in redistributing wealth and will say, "Hey, I'm okay with it because I only have to take out a loan from the bank for $3,000 to give to the government because the government will force folks wealthier than I to pay the other $34,000 I owe for me becaue they can." And they will go to bed at night and think nothing of it. But if they think they won't be affected by that decision, they are wrong. We'll see how they feel when they lose their jobs because the owners of the business providing them with their job was the guy who was forced to foot the extra $34,000 of his and all his other employees! When the producers are all killed off by the overconsumers! When will these socialists wake up?!!!

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