Monday, March 26, 2012

Government to Force Employers to Hire Unemployed?

Lawmakers in more than a dozen states introduced bills which would make it illegal for businesses to pass over an unemployed applicant in favor of someone who is currently employed.

Proposals pending in Congress would do the same on a nationwide basis. The National Employment Law Project, wants states to add laws to ban discriminatory ads and explicitly bar employers and employment agencies from eliminating from consideration candidates who are unemployed.

Two years ago, the Obama administration discouraged the unemployed from seeking jobs by extending unemployment benefits from 6 months to 99 weeks. Many argued in opposition that by quadrupling the time that someone can collect unemployment benefits the program becomes just another welfare program and that after 99 weeks, those workers would be less qualified for employment opportunities in the future.

The answer…another intrusion by government into the lives of business owners!

Nebraska State Sen. Jim Smith (R), said the bill could leave an employer vulnerable to a discrimination claim any time he or she passed over a jobless person to hire an employed person. "At what point are we going to stop regulating businesses to the point where we discourage them from hiring more people?," he said.

Personnel managers say evidence of a discrimination problem is sketchy and that hiring decisions are based on a host of subjective reasons that defy remedies imposed by laws. Existing law bars hiring discrimination against people because they are collecting unemployment benefits.

It appears once again, the left fails to recognize that the best way to put the unemployed back to work is to get out of the way, permit business owners to make sound business decisions, ensuring their viability and success and allowing the opportunity to create more jobs.

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