Thursday, April 26, 2012

Discrimination Against Confederate Flag Proof of Indoctrination

This story is proof of the skewed curriculum being taught in schools throughout this country.  For people to automatically equate the confederate flag to racism rather than anti-federalism and a fight for independence illustrates the indoctrination being committed in our public schools.  First of all, the flag in question is the confederate "battle flag" NOT the national flag of the confederacy. Additionally, though slavery was more prevalent in the South, it was NOT the main reason the Civil War was fought.  Slavery was actually ending in the South around the start of the war, and most folks fighting for the confederacy didn't actually own slaves.  I wonder what the next generation will believe in regard to the September 11th attacks and the War on Terror?!

Janice Broach - 4/25/2012

A high school senior from West Tennessee says she was banned from attending her prom because her dress resembled a Confederate battle flag, WMC-TV in Memphis reported.

"It wasn't done to offend anybody," Texanna Edwards, 18, told the NBC station. "It was done just for the sole fact that I just wanted a rebel flag dress because I thought it was cool."

But officials at Gibson County High School officials in Dyer, Tenn., did not agree with her coolness factor. Principal James Hughes declined comment to WMC.

"He told us y'all have to leave because the dress is inappropriate," Edwards said. She said that last year she wore a camouflage dress to the prom without any objection.

She said she doesn't understand why the dress was banned because students in school wear rebel flag shirts, hats and belt buckles.

"I don't see the point of not letting someone in their one and only prom, senior prom. The year they graduate. Doesn't represent anything bad," student Cody Beasley told WMC-TV.

Gibson County Special School District Superintendent Eddie Pruett, however, said a teacher had warned Edwards months ago that the dress might be inappropriate, The Associated Press reported. Pruett said there have been racial tensions at the school in recent years and the high school principal worried the dress could have caused more, according to the AP.


plow said...

The only reason why the southerners fighting the war did not own slaves is because they were poor. The poorest and least educated are usually in the majority when it comes to soldiers. It was the elite southerners that did own slaves who forced the succession. It is somewhat ironic that they were fighting to keep slavery, and yes, that is what the Civil War was about, when the slaves held the jobs that should have been theirs. Sure, at one point maybe this flag was a source of pride, but that time is long gone. Have some empathy for god's sake. People of color have suffered through years of marginalization which continues today. Why add to that simply because you want to display an out of date symbol?

B2 said...

I have no interest in displaying this flag personally. My point is that public education has been so poor in this country that people actually believe that the civil war was fought over slavery. They can't see the bigger picture. That just like today, many states see the Federal Government overstepping bounds and infringing on state's rights. The causes of the civil war were much more complex than just wanting to keep slaves. Your response proves my point exactly.