Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Labor Statistics Show Obama Worst Record in Past 25 Years

- by Giacomo

The Obama administration wants you to believe that he has helped create several million jobs and is the labor hero of the day.  But, if you look at the figures released every month by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you will quickly see that he has the worst record over the past twenty-five years.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics publish a number of labor statistics, but perhaps one of the most telling is the employment to population ratio.  They look at the available work force population compared to the number of people that are employed.  By work force population, they consider people that are over sixteen years of age minus members of the armed forces, those in prisons and mental institutions.

Over the past twenty-five years or 300 months, the ratio of employed people compared to available work force has always been over 60% except for the past 32 months.  Under the presidency of Barack Obama, the employment to population ratio has run from 58.7% for a high to a low of 58.2%.

One of the interesting aspects of Obama’s 32 worst months is that they all encompass the time frame of his supposed recovery.  In other words, ever since Obama proclaimed that the recession was over in June 2009, we have experienced the lowest employment to population ratio in 25 years.

Prior to Obama’s low ratio figures, the lowest month was December 2008 when it dipped to 61.0% as President George W Bush was about to leave office.  Additionally, the worst month under any other president in the past twenty-five years was still higher than the best month under Obama.

If President Obama wants to make job loss a campaign issue with Mitt Romney, then Romney’s camp needs to let all of America know just who has the worst employment to population ratio over the past twenty-five years.  Romney also needs to stress that these figures also reflect Obama’s self-pronounced recovery.


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