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Opposing Honor Killing is 'Islamophobia'?

 by Pamela Geller - May 1, 2012

We held our AFDI/SIOA Jessica Mokdad Human Rights conference last Sunday in Dearborn, the first honor-killing conference of its kind. Hundreds converged upon the Hyatt to join Robert Spencer and me and a full roster of luminaries to educate, elucidate and shine a light on the ugly and brutal atrocities under the Shariah. As expected, the goons, thugs and Muslim supremacists were also out in force. It seems that Islamic supremacists support murder for “honor,” for these subversive groups energetically opposed our conference dedicated to exposing the plight of women under Islamic law on the first anniversary of the honor murder of a Muslim girl in Michigan, Jessica Mokdad.

When we first called the conference, which we did to increase awareness of honor killings and gendercide under the Shariah, the only attention the media paid to it at all was to give a platform to the Mokdad family, which was whining that Jessica’s name was being used. Such grief – so touching the way so many Muslims go into “protect Islam” mode and not “protect our girls.”

We named the conference after Jessica because she was the victim of an honor killing. Her family should be standing with us instead of denying this. Darwin Jiles, a close friend of Jessica and a powerful speaker at our conference, has said that “Jessica was someone who wanted to have liberties, like every other young lady that is born in America outside of the traditions of Islam are able to do, to pursue her own happiness and to pursue her own dreams.” About Jessica’s stepmother, Cassandra, who claims it was not an honor killing, Jiles said: “Cassandra really is portraying a false picture. And Pamela has every right to place the conference to be named after Jessica in regards to this, because it was Islam that caused her death.”

So enraged were some members of the Muslim community over our attempts to protect Muslim girls who wish to live free that they held an “Islamophobia” town hall. That’s right – you’re against honor killings? Well then, in the eyes of Muslims in Dearborn, you are a racistislamophobic anti-Muslim bigot.

The speakers, including Imam Hassan al-Qazwini of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn and the hard-left propagandist Eli Clifton of Think Progress, exploited the fictitious narrative of the fear and paranoia that counter-jihadists supposedly exploit, without ever addressing honor killings, FGM or the millions slaughtered in 1,400 years of jihad warfare, cultural annihilation and enslavement. The irreligious Qazwini, who incited his herd to hatred against me during Friday prayers, called me a “bigot” and assured that crowd that “Geller and Spencer will fail because they are against God, they are against America, and people will not get with them.” Apparently he was also selling pieces of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Qazwini also said that he would like to ask me to stop defending Muslim girls here and start defending Muslim girls in “Palestine.” Muslim girls here don’t need defending? No doubt “Palestinian” girls need defense from honor murder (the Palestinian Authority has lighter sentences for honor killings than for other murders), but, of course, that is not what Qazwini meant. And I doubt Qazwini is too concerned about Israeli girls targeted by jihad missiles from Gaza.

Mayor John O’Reilly, Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., and several other local politicians were at the pro-honor killing hatefest. Is it any wonder the defenders of hatred and murder feel empowered?

Last Friday, Qazwini denounced, libeled and defamed me because I was fighting for the human rights of Muslim girls. In his Friday English sermon, he warned his herd of my impending visit. Here’s the thing: No rabbi would ever get up in front of a congregation and badmouth someone the way he badmouthed me. Ever. It’s just completely, wholly different. This “religious figure” wailed that a bigot was coming to Dearborn and claimed that I am doing this for money (as if there were a living in this). The imam warned of a “big conspiracy” against Muslims.

He went on to lie about honor killing. This imam should have been calling for the expunging of Islamic teaching of the sanctioned killing of offspring according to the Islamic “honor code.” According to the Middle East Quarterly, 91 percent of the honor killings worldwide are Islamic. But for this imam, I am the problem. Muslim leaders like him should be standing with us in defense of the basic unalienable rights of young Muslim girls and Muslim women in the West. But they are Islamic supremacists who wish to impose Shariah in America.

Of course, when the media got wind of Sunday’s pro-honor killing demo, they were all over it like sharks to chum. Their articles described the pro-honor killing rally, but none reported on our agenda or contacted me for comment. Michigan Radio’s pro-honor killing coverage was typical: “Dearborn conferences to address honor killings, Islamophobia.” Opposing honor killings is “Islamophobia.”

Anyone who opposed our human-rights conference on honor killing was supporting honor killing, gendercide, and the subjugation and oppression of women.

Yet despite the media bashing and the pro-honor killing protests, our conference was overbooked and standing room only – we could not accommodate all who wished to attend. And the crowd was rapt. No one left during the entire three-hour program, and no one’s attention was ever diverted. The crowd left energized to stand against the barbarity of honor killing and the infringements upon freedom Shariah is bringing to our nation.

It was a historic, game-changing moment for those who love freedom and the unalienable rights of every free individual. 

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