Friday, May 11, 2012

State By State Results On Gay Marriage Votes

* Disclaimer:  The facts presented below are just that...facts.  They in no way resemble the views of VFTH one way or the other on the issue.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Baptist Press) —

Following is a list of each state that has voted on the issue of defining marriage as a union between man and woman. Unless noted, each vote involved a constitutional marriage amendment. Passage of the various proposals has come by an average margin of 67-33 percent. To date, every state that has voted on the issue has affirmed the traditional definition of marriage being between a man and a woman.

Alaska, 68-32 percent
Hawaii, 69-31 percent

California, 61-39 percent[1]
Nevada, 70-30 percent (first of two required votes)

Nevada, 67-33 percent (second of two required votes)

Arkansas, 75-25 percent
Georgia, 76-24 percent
Kentucky, 75-25 percent
Louisiana, 78-22 percent
Michigan, 59-41 percent
Mississippi, 86-14 percent
Missouri, 71-29 percent
Montana, 67-33 percent
North Dakota, 73-27 percent
Ohio, 62-38 percent
Oklahoma, 76-24 percent
Oregon, 57-43 percent
Utah, 66-34 percent 

Kansas, 70-30 percent

Alabama, 81-19 percent
Colorado, 56-44 percent
Idaho, 63-37 percent
South Carolina, 78-22 percent
South Dakota, 52-48 percent
Tennessee, 81-19 percent
Virginia, 57-43 percent
Wisconsin, 59-41 percent

Arizona, 56-44 percent[2]
California, 52-48 percent
Florida, 62-38 percent

Maine, 53-47 percent[3]

North Carolina, 61-39 percent

  1. California’s 2000 vote was an initiative and not a constitutional amendment. []
  2. Arizona voters defeated a marriage amendment in 2006, only to pass one two years later. []
  3. Maine’s initiative was not a constitutional amendment but a “people’s veto” that overturned a gay “marriage” law. []

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Anonymous said...

The So-Called ‘Science’ Behind ‘Gay’ Marriage:

A letter writer to USA Today equates “gay marriage” with “equality,” “science,” and “rationality.” Here’s how he puts it:

"As our nation and the world move forward with advances in science and medicine, rationality inevitably follows. Conservatives will have a more difficult time defending their bigotry."

If there’s one thing homosexual behavior isn’t, it’s rational. Anyone doing an objective study of sexuality would conclude that same-sex sex (homo = same + sexuality). No matter how many times persons of the same sex engage in sexual activity, there will never be any offspring. If everybody only engaged in homosexual sex, within 100 years the human race would be extinct. This is a mathematical, scientific, and medical fact. Bigotry has nothing to do with opposition to homosexual behavior.

One must consider the objectivity of someone who claims that sticking a penis into an orifice that deposits into a toilet is comparable to a man and woman having intercourse. The scientific case for homosexual behavior will have merit when a man gives birth from another man’s rectum.

Once homosexual marriage is sanctioned by law in the name of science and rationality, anything goes. A woman from San Francisco (surprise) with an “object fetish” married the Eiffel Tower. “Objectum-sexuals are people who fall in love with inanimate objects, like buildings, cars, and Hammond organs. And I don’t mean appreciation of good design, I mean l-o-v-e.”

Are these types of “love” relationships also rational and other categories of equality? Who’s to say?