Friday, February 28, 2014

Irony: How NBC and Obama created the Tea Party in 2009:

Bryan Baumgart - 2/28/2104
Many falsely credit the Koch brothers with creating the Tea Party and many more falsely equate the Tea Party with social conservatism. Both are false. The Tea Party originated to address our country’s economic collapse and the political games that made it possible. What many don't know, is what role NBC played in the birth of the Tea Party movement.
Frustrated with the economic collapse of 2008 followed by TARP and bailouts, CNBC host Rick Santelli suggests “someone should organize a tea party” on his CNBC show ‘Squawk Box’. I was watching that day as Santelli woke the sleeping giant in the hearts of millions of American patriots.
Grassroots organizing commenced to the chagrin of establishment cronies everywhere. The Tea Party swept their candidates into office in 2010 (ie. Mike Lee, Rand Paul, etc.) followed by important victories in 2012 (ie. Ted Cruz).
In 2009 Santelli ended his show by turning to the camera and asking, “President obama, are you listening?” Apparently he wasn’t watching. The debt continues to skyrocket yet spending continues to increase.
Will the Tea Party surge continue this November, taking back the Senate and saving this country from looming economic crisis? What are you doing to salvage a future for our children and grandchildren?
Debt is $17 trillion and counting…

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