Friday, March 31, 2006

Rock 4 Life!!

"When does a woman become a woman? Is it when her first ballot is cast?...Is it the time it takes to travel the distance through the birth canal? Or when she's kicking and becomes viable?...A woman, however beautiful, however complex when fully grown, begins life a single cell, a zygote...So let us not be confused, 'she did not come from a zygote--she once was a zygote. She did not come from an embryo, she once was an embryo. She did not come from a fetus, she once was a fetus...," Gary Cherone - Van Halen lead singer #3 and former Extreme lead singer.

American Life League-sponsored Rock for Life Website:

When is a woman not a woman? Therein lies the only clear refutation of a woman’s rights. A woman’s rights — seems a mere tautology, a redundant catch phrase. Are not rights self evident? Intrinsic assumptions of the inalienable?

So, when is a woman not a woman, a right not a right?
When she doesn’t exist.

When does a woman become a woman?
Is it when her first ballot has been cast? Or when she graduates from her class?
Is it when she makes a wish on her sweet sixteenth? Would I be amiss if it were her first kiss? Is it when she’s diagnosed by the boy next door? Or as ambiguous as the cutting of the cord? Is it the time it takes to travel the distance through the birth canal? Or when she’s kicking and becomes viable? Is it when her sex is discovered by a sonogram? Or after eight weeks when the changes in her body will be mainly in dimension? Is it when her brain waves are detected after 40 days? Or is it around three weeks when her primitive heart beats?

Can there be only one true line of demarcation? One finite measurable point in time that differentiates life from non-life? Womanhood from non-womanhood?
Rights from no right?

Is it the moment of conception — that point when all of the above is set in motion? That precise moment when "a separate human individual, with her own genetic code, needing only food, water, and oxygen, comes into existence"?

Indeed, It is at that point, "like the infant, the child, the adolescent, that the conceptus is a being who is becoming, not a becoming striving toward being.

She is not a potential life, she is a life with great potential". She is not the mother, she is an other — a somebody other than the mother.

A woman, however beautiful, however complex when fully grown, begins life as a single cell, a zygote — that stage in human development through which we all pass. She fulfills "the four criteria necessary to all life — metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction. Her genetic makeup is established at conception, determining to a great extent her own individual, physical characteristics": her eyes, her hair, her skin color, bone structure, her gender.

So let us not be confused, "she did not come from a zygote — she once was a zygote. She did not come from an embryo, she once was an embryo. She did not come from a fetus, she once was a fetus". She did not come from a little girl — she once was a little girl.

When is a woman not a woman? The answer is absolute, non-negotiable. To argue against would be to ignore the innate, the fact of the matter. The answer can never be a matter of opinion or choice. This is not a metaphysical contention. This is biology 101. The answer is scientifically self-evident — as inherent as the inalienable.

Therefore, the ability to pursue happiness is contingent upon liberty — her liberty, and her freedom is solely dependent upon the mother of all human rights...the right of life.

The vast majority of people who support abortion take that position with the firm conviction that life does not begin at conception. That being said...If one personally felt "terminating pregnancy is not an easy thing" but was the right of the individual to make that "decision"

Is the life within the mother's womb a human person? If the answer is no, it is not a human person, Why would one feel it "is not an easy thing" to do? If the answer is yes, it is a human person, Why would one advocate "terminating" it? If the answer is I don't know, if it is, or isn't a human person, How many more "decision(s)" would one make in an uncertain "situation"?

If the unborn is not a human person, No justification for abortion is necessary. However...If the unborn is a human person, No justification for abortion is adequate. Nearly all arguments for abortion are based on the faulty premise that the unborn are not fully human.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Tax I Welcome Whole-Heartedly!!!!

Another Reason It's Time For The Fair Tax

By Doug Patton
March 27, 2006

As April 15th approaches, millions of us are again poring over receipts, records and other information relevant to our federal income taxes. After getting everything in order, we will be forced by the complexity of the tax code to take it all to an accountant or other tax professional, who will spend a few very expensive hours working through a process our own government doesn't even understand much of the time. Finally, our tax preparer will place in front of us a stack of papers, some of which we will be expected to sign.

Now, do you read every page in that stack, or do you simply place your signature, as I do, on the lines indicated by this individual in whom you have placed so much trust? Millions of us do it every year. But what if among those papers was a consent form to sell your personal information to third parties to market their products and services to you?

This is the convoluted reasoning of the Internal Revenue Service, where career bureaucrats believe that such conduct should be allowed. In fact, the IRS is proposing new rules that would permit tax preparers to sell your private financial information, right up to and including your actual tax return itself, to marketers and data brokers.

Currently, selling client information to third parties for marketing purposes is prohibited. That would change, however, under the proposed rule revision. And since this policy could only benefit the person buying or selling your information, with no imaginable benefit to you, the motivation to obtain permission by any deceptive means necessary seems extremely high. Incredibly, according to a recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, IRS officials characterize these changes as "housecleaning measures needed to update regulations adopted before it began accepting returns electronically."

Had enough? There is a solution.

The time has come for Americans to demand that our elected representatives come to grips with the fact that the current federal income tax code is broken and cannot be fixed.

The time has come for all of us to admit to ourselves that this system has been patched and "repaired" far too many times since 1913, when the 16th Amendment brought us direct taxation on our production, with the IRS as its primary enforcement agency.

The time has come to abolish this gargantuan, intrusive, tyrannical bureaucracy, the primary purpose of which is to harass individual taxpayers, who in turn have to hire and trust others to interpret and navigate the treacherous waters of the federal tax laws.

The time has come for the Fair Tax, a consumption-based national sales tax to replace the federal income tax, thereby trading a trillion-dollar anchor for an economic supercharger.

Imagine what you could do for your family, your church, your community, your future, if you had no federal income taxes, including Social Security, withheld from your paycheck.

Imagine the magnet for business the United States of America would become without a corporate income tax.

Imagine if the imbedded corporate taxes driving the cost of every product and service you buy were gone.

In fact, imagine if discounts on consumer products offset the cost of all federal taxes, leaving consumers free to save, give and, well, consume.

Just imagine.

Replacing the burdensome federal income tax with a 23 percent (inclusive) national sales tax would give every American taxpayer an immediate pay raise by allowing us all to keep everything we earn. And since approximately 22 percent of the cost of every product and service we buy represents embedded corporate income tax, competition would drive the cost of everything down by an amount almost directly proportionate to the amount of the consumption tax. In other words, the cost of the sales tax would be offset completely by the discounts on virtually everything.

But the best part of implementing the Fair Tax is abolishing the IRS. No more receipts. No more mileage logs. No more fear of an audit. No more April 15th.

The proposed new regulations are just one more indication that the time has come to turn Americans loose from the bondage of an antiquated tax system that impedes productivity, punishes generosity and penalizes thrift.

(For more information, visit Americans for Fair Taxation. (web site)

Doug Patton is a freelance columnist
who has served as a political speechwriter, communications consultant and advisor to conservative Republican candidates and elected officials, as well as public policy organizations. His weekly columns are published in newspapers across the country and on selected Internet web sites, including and, where he is a senior writer and state editor. Readers may e-mail him at

Friday, March 24, 2006

My Rights Are More Important Than Yours!!!

The rights of non-believers obviously trump the rights of believers in the USA today. I'm sure that is exactly what our forefathers intended when they came to America to escape religious persecution from the English monarchy and decided that the First Amendment to our new Constitution (the very first right in our Bill Of Rights) should be to guarantee religious freedom without any form of infringement or restriction. I hope you're catching on to the heaping pile of steaming sarcasm!!!

St. Paul City Office Boots Easter Bunny

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - A small Easter display was removed from the City Hall lobby on Wednesday out of concern that it would offend non-Christians.
The display - a cloth Easter bunny, pastel-colored eggs and a sign with the words "Happy Easter'' - was put up by a City Council secretary. They were not purchased with city money.

Tyrone Terrill, the city's human rights director, asked that the decorations be removed. Terrill said no citizen had complained to him.

Council Member Dave Thune called it a shame.

"This has just gone too far,'' he said. "We can't celebrate spring with bunnies and fake grass?''

The council president, Kathy Lantry, said the removal wasn't about political correctness.

"As government, we have a different responsibility about advancing the cause of religion, which we are not going to do,'' she said.

It's not the first time a holiday symbol has been removed from City Hall. In 2001, red poinsettias were briefly banned from a holiday display because they were associated with Christmas.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

He Has My Vote!!! (Frist and Immigration)

What do you do about illegal immigrants already in the U.S. and the "Countless businesses that rely heavily on their labor"? I'll answer that question for you Mr. Kennedy, along with the question of what to do about welfare abuse by American citizens in this country!!! Deport the ILLEGAL immigrants and require citizens to actually WORK FOR MONEY, instead of applying for jobs being taken by illegal immigrants (at a lower wage), being turned down (for obvious reasons $$$) and continuing to live off of the hardworking citizens of this country! Put the bums to work!!! Give them some pride in accomplishment and teach them how to be productive members of society again, rather than the leaches they have become. Bring back some accountability to America!!!

Frist Immigration Bill Would Target Bosses
Mar 17 5:28 PM US/Eastern

Associated Press Writer


Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist sidesteps President Bush's call for giving illegal immigrants temporary work permits in an election-year immigration bill the Tennessee Republican unveiled Friday.

Frist, who is seeking his party's nomination in 2008 to succeed Bush in the White House, said the Senate will turn to his proposal to tighten borders, punish employers who hire illegal immigrants and provide more visas if the Senate Judiciary Committee doesn't complete a broader bill in the next 10 days.

A clear majority on the 18-member committee has come out in favor of a "guest worker" program that would let employed illegal immigrants remain in the U.S. _ at least temporarily _ rather than be deported. The committee members agreed Friday to try to come up with a substitute for Frist's bill by March 27.

Bush _ walking a tightrope between businesses that oppose deporting undocumented workers they've trained, and social conservatives who want all 11 million illegals in the U.S. deported _ has called for letting those with jobs stay for up to six years.

The House passed a tough immigration enforcement bill in December that would make it a felony for illegal immigrants to be in the United States, impose new penalties on employers who hire them and erect fencing along a third of the U.S.-Mexico border. But it had no temporary worker program.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., faulted Frist's bill for not addressing what to do with illegal immigrants already in the U.S. "Countless businesses rely heavily on their labor and it's long past time to provide legal avenues to bring this underground economy out of the shadow," he said.

Frist's bill would:

_Require all employers to verify the identity and immigration status of their employees through an electronic system.

_Assess civil penalties of between $500 and $20,000 against employers for each illegal immigrant they hire and criminal penalties of up to $20,000 per illegal immigrant hired and up to six months in jail for engaging in a pattern of employing illegal workers.

_Add 4,400 Border Patrol agents over six years to the 10,000 Congress provided for in the intelligence reform law passed in 2004, and 1,000 more immigrant smuggling investigators over the next five years.

_More than double the number of employment-based green cards, from 140,000 to 290,000, and make more employment based visas available to unskilled workers. It also would free up other visas by exempting immediate relatives of U.S. citizens from being counted in the annual pool of 480,000 visas, and increase country-by-country ceilings on family sponsored and employment-based immigrants.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Corporate America To Blame For Illegal Aliens

US illegal migrants up almost 500,000 a year

By Edward Alden in Washington

The number of illegal immigrants in the US has continued to grow by nearly half a million each year in spite of US efforts to increase security at the country’s borders, according to a survey released on Tuesday.

The study, by the Pew Hispanic Center, said that the population of unauthorised migrants reached between 11.5m and 12m last year, accounting for nearly a third of the foreign-born population in the US. That number is up from roughly 8.4m in 2000.

The continued rise was driven primarily by the strong demand for low-skilled work in the US. “What we’re seeing is a labour migration that is tied to employment opportunities,” said Jeffrey Passel, the study’s author.

The findings come as the Senate is set to take up on Wednesday legislation aimed at stemming the flow of illegal immigrants coming to the US. The Senate judiciary committee is launching a three-week effort to produce a bill that the committee’s chairman, Republican Arlen Specter, hopes will create new legal channels for foreign workers in the US.

The proposal, outlined by committee staff on Monday, would allow those illegally in the US to apply for renewable two-year work visas, and would create a new guest worker programme to allow new workers to come to the US legally.

That contrasts with legislation that passed the House of Representatives late last year and would toughen enforcement against illegal aliens but would not allow for new guest workers. Differences between the House bill and the Senate version would have to be resolved later this year.

The Pew survey underscored the substantial presence of illegal workers in the US labour market. It estimated about 4.9 per cent of the US labour force, or 7.2m workers, was composed of unauthorised migrants.

Nearly a third of those work in service occupations, 19 per cent in construction and 15 per cent in production, installation and repair jobs. Illegal workers are especially prevalent in farming, where they make up nearly a quarter of all workers, as well as cleaning, residential home construction and food processing.

Despite beefing up border patrols and constructing fences along the southern US border with Mexico, the US has so far been unable to reverse the flow of illegal migrants there. The study found that the southern border remains the gateway to the US, with Mexican migrants making up 56 per cent of the unauthorised population, and another 22 per cent coming from the rest of Latin America, particularly Central American countries such as Guatemala and El Salvador.

The vast majority of those end up finding work in the US. Among adult males, 94 per cent of illegal immigrants participated in the US labour force, compared with an 83 per cent participation rate for native-born men.



By Frosty Wooldridge

As a teacher, I sat dumbfounded last May 16, 2005, when the Rocky Mountain News inked a story, “What Happened?” to a stunned Denver, Colorado audience. In a five year study starting in 1999 in Denver Public Schools, 5,663 students started the eighth grade. Five years later, only 1,884 graduated from high school. That’s a 65 percent drop out/flunk out rate! That’s pathetic, if not frightening.

What was the cause? First of all, 30,000 illegal alien, speaking 40 different languages, attended Denver schools. Our classrooms suffered thousands of kids functionally illiterate in English with parents functionally illiterate in English and Spanish. The classrooms featured so much incompatible diversity that it created horrific tension, stabbings and death. Thus, American kids suffered a profoundly dumbed-down educational process. One in five teachers quit or transferred out of those Denver classrooms every nine month cycle during those five years.

Last week, the Denver Post announced that 30 percent of teachers in Denver schools were not coming back next year. This is a nationwide travesty. Why? As a teacher, I taught in the inner city in the 1970s. It’s exasperating beyond understanding to walk into a classroom where children suffer learning disabilities, broken homes, teen pregnancies at 14, 15, 16, multiple languages and violent confrontations with other ethnic groups. It’s impossible to teach. I left my idealism in the ghetto and escaped to a suburban school. But, today, teachers can’t escape because over 1.5 million illegal alien students with more than 100 languages attend our kids’ schools nationwide We witness a national breakdown in education. Last week, Superintendent Roy Romer of Los Angeles public schools resigned in frustration and defeat. California schools match the violence of a war zone.

Can you imagine such a failure rate across the country? Can you imagine the consequences of an illiterate generation leading this Republic into the 21st century? Folks, this country won’t make it. Where is the outrage?

It takes four aspects for a free and democratic society to maintain itself. It requires a highly educated population that can write, read, think and vote intelligently. It takes a similar moral code whereby everyone adheres to the common good. It requires a similar code of ethics whereby citizens adhere to honesty, doing what is right and maintaining those ethics throughout the social fabric. Finally, it takes a similar language that allows citizens to discuss, debate and resolve problems. We compromise all four with an invasion exceeding four million new people into the USA annually-20 million illegals to date and climbing. We allow the disintegration of our nation without a whimper. Where is the outrage?

Last Monday, February 20, 2006, the Rocky Mountain News reported, “Mile-High Drug Hub” making Denver the leading center for drug distribution in the United States. It’s part of MS-13 Gang’s dispersal of $128 billion in drugs crossing our border with Mexico every year. Ironically, Congress guards South Korea’s border with 37,000 troops with our billions in tax dollars, pats down gray-haired ladies at our airports, spends $80 billion annually on the war on drugs, but leaves our border unguarded allowing that $128 billion in drugs to cross year after year. Additionally, any terrorists can walk over the Mexican with a 99 percent chance of succeeding Where is the outrage?

With a growing illegal alien population exceeding 300,000 in Colorado, the state House legislators on Wednesday of last week defeated six bills to stop illegal alien migration. One particular bill, HB 1134, would have given cops the ability to arrest, detain and deport illegals. It was soundly defeated after dozens of citizens, including this Coloradan, testified to support the bill’s passage.

I demanded, “We are tired of being collateral damage for illegal aliens. We’re tired of being raped, killed, robbed and our schools being trashed by multiple languages while our medical systems take better care of illegals than our own citizens.”

Representative Francesca Natividad Coleman remarked that it was a Federal issue. I retorted, “We’re the ones getting killed and raped here locally and we’re tired of it.” Last year, three Coloradans were killed by illegals; Greeley, Colorado suffered 270 hit and run car accidents alone; eight rapes by illegal aliens in Boulder and thousands of robberies.
Where is the outrage?

To top off the crisis in our Denver schools, the Rocky Mountain News reported the next day, February 21, 2006, “Welfare Surges 45%” with an increase of 4,743 cases. They said it was tough job hunting, but neglected to mention that 300,000 illegal aliens in Colorado stole jobs from Coloradans in every sector: drywall, construction, landscaping,fast food, house painting, janitorial, paving and dozens of other jobs formerly worked by Coloradans. Where is the outrage?

Denver Mayor Hickenlooper hired illegal aliens long before he was mayor and one of his illegal employees, Raul Gomez-Garcia, killed Denver police officer Don Young last May. Hickenlooper stood in direct violation of federal laws and could have been fined $2,000.00 per illegal alien hired (estimated at 70 working in his restaurants) and he could have gone to prison for five years. Governor Owens actually endorsed a booklet showing illegal aliens how to imbed themselves in Colorado. He aided and abetted illegal aliens, but didn’t receive a slap on the wrist. Where is the outrage?

Since it’s happening in my state with 300,000 illegal aliens, can you imagine what is happening in California with three million? Or, North Carolina with one million? How about Illinois with one million illegals? How about Texas with 1.5 million? I know Texans pay over $4.1 billion annually for educating their massive load of student illegals. Where is the outrage?

We’re being colonized with over nine million illegal alien Mexicans crashing our schools, medical systems, language, culture, parks, tax and welfare systems. One look at the headlines of major newspapers across the country echoes and mirrors the Rocky Mountain News. Where is the outrage?

It stupefies me beyond comprehension that Americans sit back and watch this invasion of their country without any outrage. Worse, without any response! More than that—without a concern for their own kids’ future! Even more horrific, the line of immigrants from Mexico (and the world) shows no sign of stopping, as the number of Mexicans grows from their current 106 million to 200 million in this century.

As I open this can of worms weekly; as I expose this accelerating national crisis weekly; as you experience its quickening day by day-I would think the outrage would reach fantastic levels. But it is not! In fact, Bush, Congress and governors of all 50 states-not only watch it happen-they actively aid and abet it. Arlan Specter of Pennsylvania wants to add another one to two million legal immigrants annually. Senators John McCain and Ted Kennedy want to give amnesty to 20 million illegals and add more in a guest worker program. Utah’s Chris Cannon welcomes millions of Mexicans as he encourages their takeover of our country His sidekick Senator Orrin Hatch mirrors that sentiment.

Representative Joe Baca of California actively promotes the takeover of California by Mexico as he endorses “Reconquista of Aztlan.” As Mark Twain said, “Suppose you were an idiot; and suppose you were a member of Congress; but then, I repeat myself.” Twain got it right, but where is the outrage?

While 85 to 95 percent of the American public wants our borders secured, they stand around quietly sucking their thumbs while doing nothing. However, the outrage and arrogance of millions of illegal alien migrants in America advances like Paris, France’s recent experience with immigration-10,000 fire bombed cars and a month-long conflagration! We watched stupidly as if it won’t happen to us. Think again! Of the thousands of emails I receive, the worst and the most frightening ones are from citizens who tell me, “Keep your powder dry!”