Thursday, April 03, 2014

FAIL. Behind the 7.1 Million Obamacare Enrollees...

Bryan Baumgart - 4/3/2014

7.1 million.

That's the number of obamacare enrollees that President Obama touted during his victory dance yesterday.  But a look behind these numbers shows just how misleading they are. 

Of the 7.1 million people that signed up for obamacare, the Obama administration admits that 4.4 million actually signed up for Medicaid via the ACA rather than actual obamacare.  

Of the remaining 2.7 million that signed up for obamacare (by force of mandates and fines), only 27% had been previously uninsured 

It is estimated that 5 million Americans lost their insurance due to Obamacare so far and a recent survey by McKinsey & Company estimates that 73% of the obamacare signups already had insurance before obamacare 

NY Times reports that 20% haven’t actually paid for the obamacare insurance they signed up for yet (so they aren't technically insured), and it is expected that many more will let their plans lapse during the course of the year.  

The McKinsey study reveals the 27% of new enrollees that weren’t previously insured have an unusually high rate of failing to pay for their premiums. Only 53% had paid for their first premium, compared to 86% of the previously insured paying for theirs.   

It is estimated that less than 25% of the current obamacare signups are young and healthy, far short of the 40% the administration was hoping for. (The ACA hinges on large numbers of young and healthy individuals paying in without using their insurance in order to support everyone else and keep the program solvent).  


Based on census data, there were 44.8 million Americans uninsured in 2008 before Obamacare. Today…after spending over $2 TRILLION taxpayer dollars48.6 million Americans remain uninsured  

An expected 78 - 100 million more are likely to lose their employer insurance when the delay expires after the November elections.   

Estimates show premiums doubling and out of pocket expenses have skyrocketed so high that even those that have insurance can’t afford to get sick and use it.

They have health insurance but no health CARE.  

Where is the victory again?!