Tuesday, November 04, 2008

And The Wait Is On...

It's not a question of "what if" any longer. Now it's just a matter of when...And in the words of Joe Biden, "Mark My Words"...

The following is a list of most likely scenarios of what to look forward to during the future Obama presidency:

1.) Iran WILL achieve nuclear capability within the next 4 years. Because of our overextended millitary and Obama's anti-war stance he has sold to the public, the United States will be relegated to the sidelines while the rest of the world waits on our decision.

With Iran's promise to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, Obama will demand Israel hold off on pre-emptive strikes until the Iranian nukes begin falling in Israel and Obama is FORCED to finally get in the game.

The Clinton administration was realistic enough to pass the Iraqi Liberation Act of 1998 declaring that "it should be the policy of the United States to seek to remove the Saddam Hussein regime from power in Iraq and to replace it with a democratic government. Expressessing that once the Saddam Hussein regime is removed from power in Iraq, the United States should support Iraq's transition to democracy." http://www.iraqwatch.org/government/US/Legislation/ILA.htm and the Bush administration was realistic enough to follow through on this important piece of legislation introduced and passed by the Clinton administration.

You see, even before Saddam himself admitted to seeking nukes, because he, "didn't want to be second to the persians" and was concerned with his legacy and his long standing rivalry with his neighboring enemy Iran. http://asia.news.yahoo.com/041006/ap/d85i8c002.html prominent democratic leaders such as President Clinton, Clinton's Secretary of State Madeline Albright, Clinton's National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, Senators Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd, Carl Levin, Tom Daschle, Bob Graham, Jay Rockefeller, Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman, and even former Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore, among others from 1998 to 2003 warned of the threat that Saddam posed with his weapons of mass destruction program and the importance of removing him from power. http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/b/bushlied.htm)

Unfortunately Obama doesn't seem to have the foresight of his collegues when it comes to Iran.

2.) Fundamentalist Islamic insurgents will overthrow the current democratically elected governement in Iraq and make it the center for the world's terrorist organizations such as Al Qaida, focusing on training, recruiting and re-organizing their jihad. Not to mention the certain genocide that will follow the overthrow of the current Iraqi government. Once again, Obama's anti-Iraqi war stance along with his pride will relegate the United States to the sidelines while the rest of the world waits on our decision.

3.) America will experience another terrorist attack on the same level or greater than the Septer 11th attacks sometime within the next 6 years. While the Bush administration can be credited with keeping the United States safe and free from future terrorist attacks for all 7 years following the September 11th attacks by keeping Al Qaida on the run and taking out much of its upper-level leaders making it impossible for Al Qaida to re-organize, the Obama administration WILL be credited with doing just the opposite. I could go on to guarantee that after America experiences this future terrorist attack because of Obama policies, the Republicans will go on to dominate another decade of American politics.

4.) Russia will not only invade Georgia but also move on to the Ukraine and other former territories of the Soviet Union. Once again, because of our overextended millitary and Obama's anti-war stance he has sold to the public, the United States will be relegated to the sidelines while the rest of the world waits on our decision.

Putin has already begin his attempt to put the Russian "super-power" back together by nationalizing Russian oil and making his intentions regarding Georgia known to the world. China supports Russia's return to the "iron fist" and America is the only country capable of keeping Russia in check. Putin knows that with American soldiers already stretched thin, now is the time to act...and he will.

5.) Venezuela's Hugo Chavez will begin his goal of realizing the dream of Simon Bolivar by invading Columbia and daring Obama to act. Chavez will be emboldened by our overextended millitary and Obama's anti-war stance. He has tested the Bush administration and felt the burn, count on Chavez seizing this opportunity!

6.) Obama's tax policies will make it impossible for our economy to recover, thus...our millitary will weaken and our national security will follow!! Obama has already promised to cut millitary funding, not to mention that his new tax policy is certain to kill small businesses and jobs while forcing larger companies overseas. His desire to raise import tarriffs and interfere with free trade, will force retaliation from countries such as China and our economy will sour even further. Obama's economic philosophies are sure to weaken our economy and with it, our millitary and national security! MARK MY WORDS!!!

Don't get me wrong...Obama's election victory is likely to temporarily revive the stock market; but for all the wrong reasons. Sure Obama will claim credit but in reality, traders will actually have been dumping stock in an attempt to escape Obama's capital gains tax which will kick in in 2010. Then the stagnant market will return.

7.) Had the Clinton Administration not pressured Fannie Mae to expand mortgage loans to low and moderate income people http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9C0DE7DB153EF933A0575AC0A96F958260 or had congressional democrats not stopped the Bush administration http://visionsfromthehorizon.blogspot.com/2008/10/timeline-of-economic-crisis.html , http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9E06E3D6123BF932A2575AC0A9659C8B63 from imposing regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2003, or had Obama and democratic senators not accepted money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for their opposition to Bill S.190 (cosponsored by McCain) in 2005 aimed at imposing regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and killed the bill on a party-line vote http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=aSKSoiNbnQY0# or had democratic senators not ignored McCain's 2006 letter to congress demanding regulations be placed on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=28973 this current economic crisis could have been avoided.

Of course this economic crisis brought on by the democrats may end up being a blessing in disguise for America. Hopefully their won't be money in the treasury for Obama to seek his proposal for national healthcare. Otherwise I would be predicting the mass exodus of doctors out of America and the looming failure of the United States healthcare system. http://visionsfromthehorizon.blogspot.com/2008/10/hawaii-ending-universal-child-health.html

It is said that "You Reap What You Sow". Americans are about to find out just how true that is!


B2 said...

Oh yeah...I forgot to guarantee:
NO improvements will be made in:
*public education
*social security
*health care
...and we already took care of the looming failures in the war on terror, national security, job creation and economic revival.

What do I think Obama WILL be able to accomplish? Possibly:
*more religious freedoms.
*victories for the pro-abortion agenda.
*victories for same-sex marriage advocates.
*better relations with US allies.
*victories for gun control advocates.
*the creation of numerous social agencies via taxpayer money.
*possibly gains in US energy development. (If he doesn't go back on his word to open up off-shore drilling). I wouldn't hold my breath on this one though.

That's all I could think of for now.

Anonymous said...

I think this will be a blessing in disguise for the Republicans. It should be easier to suffer through 4 years of Obama since there is no money to force on America the things that he wanted to force on her. A terrorist attack on America is highly likely now and voters will learn their lesson. I predict decades of Republican dominance after suffering through these next 4 years!

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side. The GOP had some small victories last night. For example, they denied the democrats the Super majorities that they were seeking so they can now fillibuster, veto and just plain be a thorn in Barack's backside like the democrats were to Bush during his presidency! They should be able to stop Obama from doing most of what he claimed to want to do.

Also...here in Nebraska, the ban on affirmative action was passed. This was an important step in the right direction towards removing government sponsored racism from our country. How fitting for this measure to pass unanimously on the same election that America elects it's first black President!!! Yeah for openmindedness!

B2 said...

Agreed! Let me also remind my friends that are apologizing to me that Obama won, don't apologize to me, apologize to the people of Israel who will face Iranian slaughter, or the unborn babies that face liberal slaughter, or the American citizens that face slaughter at the hands of terrorists.

And when that horrible day comes over the next 6 years that America is brought to her knees by a devastating terrorist attack (maybe dirty bombs or nuclear suitcase bombs being simultaneously detonated in New York, Chicago and LA), and you are expecting all Americans to pull together, and we will. Before rushing to your aid, let me be the first to remind you on that fateful day that you brought this upon yourselves. Right before I join you in battle, I will heave a hefty load of "I Told You So!" directly in your face! MARK MY WORDS!!!

B2 said...

Here we go already!!!

Headlines from DAY AFTER election.

Chavez takes over biggest gold mine in Venezuela (Canadian Owned)


U.S. Stocks Post Biggest Post-Election Drop on Economic Concern


Cuba hails Obama win, hopes US embargo will ease


Russia to base missiles on EU border


AGONY: 15 Percent NYC Income Tax Hike On Way?
Bloomberg Says Promised Property Tax Rebate Is Off Table.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg is going to cut the city work force by 3,000. There will be 1,000 fewer cops.


B2 said...

And Headlines from the 2nd day after the election:

Putin may return to Kremlin in '09
"could implement changes to the constitution and unpopular social reforms "so that Putin could return to the Kremlin for a longer period."


Stocks extend decline as economic woes mount


Pentagon concerned about transition 'terror attack'...


China urges Obama to respect free trade...


World stocks plunge as recession fears bite...

TOYOTA warns of 'unprecedented' crisis...

B2 said...

Dow, S&P 500 Post Worst Two-Day Decline Since 1987...


B2 said...

And this article pretty much sums up what I've been trying to warn everyone about in this post. Definitely worth reading the entire first article. follow the link.

Day One: Obama faces a Cold War threat and a warning from Israel (along with warning from Afghanistan and more economic problems)


Schwarzenegger: $4.4B in tax hikes...


Las Vegas Sands Plunges After Casino Cites Potential Bankruptcy...

UAW chief urges $25B in U.S. auto health care support...



Venezuela offers Russians big gold projects...


B2 said...

Russia president tells police to crush crisis unrest


hmmmm...sound kind of like Obama's vision for America?!

B2 said...

Iran test-fires new missile near Iraq: state media


Iran has test-fired a new type of missile during war games near the Iraqi border, state television said Tuesday, after warning the United States it would respond to any violation of Iranian airspace.

Iran has said it would respond to any attack on its territory by targeting U.S. interests and Washington's ally Israel, as well as closing the Strait of Hormuz, a vital route for world oil supplies.

B2 said...

Iran test-fires new missile, Israel within reach


Russia rejects U.S. missile proposals...

B2 said...

Economic woes increase, crisis deals in trouble...

As More Companies Seek Aid, 'Where Do You Stop?'...

Embattled Banks Still Planning Billions In Bonuses...


B2 said...


Disheartened Wall Street plunges for third straight session



Economic woes increase, crisis deals in trouble...

As More Companies Seek Aid, 'Where Do You Stop?'...

Embattled Banks Still Planning Big Bonuses...

FLU: GOOGLE shares below $300 for first time since 2005...

B2 said...

Iran says new missile tested successfully

He said it had a range of about 1,200 miles.

At that range it could reach Greece and Bulgaria in southeastern Europe, as well as easily strike arch-foe Israel.

In a speech coinciding with the missile launch, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned that Teheran will crush any power showing audacity or impudence towards Iran.

"The Iranian nation defends its dignity. Should any power stand against the Iranian nation, the Iranian people will crush it under its foot and will strike it on the mouth," he said in a speech broadcast live on state television.

Ahmadinejad added that it doesn't matter who comes to power in America because the important question will be how a future US administration will behave.

The Shahab-3 missile, which is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, can reach Israel and US forces in the Middle East.

From the Jerusalem Post: http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1226404709352&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull

B2 said...

Russian leader Medvedev heading to Cuba, Venezuela


Fri Nov 14, 6:40 am ET

MOSCOW – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev plans to travel this month to Cuba and Venezuela, which have increasing military and trade ties with Moscow.

The U.S. has objected to Russia's greater links with the two countries that have antagonistic relations with Washington.

Medvedev will visit Cuba on Nov. 27, the Kremlin press service said. He will also visit Brazil during the trip.

The Soviet Union was a stalwart supporter of Cuban leader Fidel Castro during the Cold War. Under Hugo Chavez, Venezuela has moved to buy millions of dollars in Russian weaponry and invited Russian energy giants to drill in the country's oil fields.

A Russian naval flotilla is on its way to the Caribbean to hold joint military exercises with Venezuelan forces.

Obama told to brace for early terror attack...


U.S. critical of Russia's Baltic missile threats


"hardly the welcome a new American administration deserved," referring to the fact they were made immediately after Barack Obama won the presidential election."

B2 said...

Raul Castro to visit Venezuela on 1st trip -Chavez

Socialist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who supplies Cuba with cheap oil and calls Fidel Castro his mentor, said "I am pleased to say that Raul Castro, who has not left Cuba as president of Cuba, has told us in the last few days that he has been invited to visit Brazil, China, Russia and other countries but that he is not going to visit any other country before coming to Caracas."

Such a trip would be a day before Russian President Dimitry Medvedev visits Chavez to oversee joint navy warship exercises in a visit that evokes memories of the Cold War.

Chavez, whose political allies face tough elections on Sunday for regional posts in Venezuela, will use the presidential visits to burnish his anti-U.S. credentials.

But Chavez and Raul, who call the United States their enemy and each other revolutionary brothers, have maintained close bilateral ties, forging economic cooperation with such projects as the revamping of an oil refinery.


B2 said...

Castro serenades China's Hu on landmark Cuba visit. China's President Hu Jintao made a landmark visit to Cuba Tuesday, bearing millions of dollars in aid and promises of closer future trade ties. ...the Cuban leader sang snippets of a song in Chinese praising late Communist Party Leader Mao Zedong. Fidel Castro has met with several foreign leaders in recent months, including Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Hu's visit comes less than two weeks before the arrival of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, in another Russian bid to fortify relations with outspoken US adversaries in Latin America on the back of a trip to Venezuela.


B2 said...

Iran increases stockpile of uranium

Iran is forging ahead with its nuclear programme, the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog reported on Wednesday, deepening the dilemma facing US president-elect Barack Obama over his campaign promise to engage with Tehran.

The latest report by the International Atomic Energy Agency reveals that Iran is rapidly increasing its stockpile of enriched uranium, which could be rendered into weapons-grade material should Tehran decide to develop a nuclear device.

In a speech broadcast on TV, he said the US and its major allies wanted to deprive Iran of “honor and independence” by pressuring the country into halting its uranium enrichment work.

“Now the great powers are disappointed, as they have not the least bit of hope to break the Iranian people down,” he said. “If great powers seek to take over Iran’s rights, Iranian people will slap them so hard that they won’t find their way back home.”


B2 said...

Iran said to have enough nuclear fuel for one weapon


for President-elect Barack Obama, the report underscores the magnitude of the problem that he will inherit Jan. 20: an Iranian nuclear program that has not only solved many technical problems of uranium enrichment, but that can also now credibly claim to possess enough material to make a weapon if negotiations with Europe and the United States break down.

He said the amount was suitable for a relatively advanced implosion-type weapon like the one dropped on Nagasaki.

The atomic energy agency said Iran was continuing to evade questions about its suspected work on nuclear warheads. In a separate report released Wednesday, the agency said, as expected, that it had found ambiguous traces of uranium at a suspected Syrian reactor site bombed by Israel last year.

"While it cannot be excluded that the building in question was intended for non-nuclear use," the report said, the building's features "along with the connectivity of the site to adequate pumping capacity of cooling water, are similar to what may be found in connection with a reactor site." Syria has said the uranium came from Israeli bombs.

B2 said...



Medvedev's (Russia's) Venezuela, Cuba trips set to rile USA...


MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's visits to Venezuela and Cuba during a week-long trip to Latin America look set to irk Washington, highlighting a foreign policy challenge facing President-elect Barack Obama.

His trip to Venezuela, a key buyer of Russian arms, coincides with the two countries' first joint naval exercise in the Caribbean -- traditionally viewed by the United States as its backyard.

During his stay in Cuba, the Russian leader is likely to demonstrate Moscow's commitment to renew a Cold War-era alliance with Havana, abandoned after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Russia has stepped up ties with Venezuela and Cuba as its relations with the West and particularly the United States soured in the past few years amid a series of rows ranging from Kosovo to U.S. missile defense plans in Eastern Europe.

The ties plummeted to a post-Cold War low after the West condemned Russia's invasion of Georgia in August.

Moscow, annoyed by NATO warships appearing in or near its borders in the Black Sea to deliver aid to Georgia, dispatched its own warships to the Caribbean for the exercises with Venezuela, a buyer of billions of dollars in Russian arms.

Ahead of Medvedev's visit, the Russian military said they were discussing with Havana air defense cooperation.

B2 said...

Chavez says Russian warships arriving soon


CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Sunday that Russian warships will soon reach his country's Caribbean coast for joint naval exercises.

Chavez said the Russian ships "will enter Venezuelan waters within a matter of hours." He didn't say exactly when the ships are to arrive.

It's the first such deployment by the Russian navy in the Caribbean since the Cold War. Russia is sending the nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great, the destroyer Admiral Chabanenko, and logistical vessels including a tugboat and a supply ship.

The Russian navy said the two warships will visit the Venezuelan port of La Guaira starting Tuesday, according to the Russian news agency Interfax. It said the ships are scheduled to hold joint exercises with Venezuela's navy starting Dec. 1.

Chavez is also expecting a visit by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev starting Wednesday as part of a Latin American tour.

Chavez has been boosting ties with Russia while tensions with the U.S. have grown, and he has bought more than $4 billion in Russian weapons.

B2 said...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Russia Renews Cold War Rhetoric...

Medvedev’s message was delivered just hours after Barack Obama was elected - an unmistakable signal to the incoming U.S. administration.

(click on link above to read message)

Putin had a reputation for being tough, but it was under Medvedev that Russia used excessive force against Georgia, occupying part of its territory and crushing its military. Medvedev then defied world opinion by accusing the United States of instigating the war and by recognizing the independence of Georgia's two separatist regions.

The Cold War rhetoric continued with the Kremlin blaming the United States for the global financial crisis.

Moscow has pursued close ties with countries like Venezuela and has even sent warships to the Caribbean for joint naval exercises.

The latest from President Medvedev is a threat to deploy missiles on the border with Poland as a response to the U.S. missile-defense program in eastern Europe. It is the first time in decades that Russia's leader has officially announced his readiness to target a NATO country with tactical weapons.

Venezuela's Chavez welcomes Russian warships


LA GUAIRA, Venezuela – Russian warships sailed into port in Venezuela on Tuesday in a show of strength as Moscow seeks to counter U.S. influence in Latin America. Russia's first such deployment in the Caribbean since the Cold War is timed to coincide with President Dmitry Medvedev's

Chavez, basking in the support of a powerful ally and traditional U.S. rival, wants Russian help to build a nuclear reactor, invest in oil and natural gas projects and bolster his leftist opposition to U.S. influence in the region.

He also wants weapons — Venezuela has bought more than $4 billion in Russian arms, including Sukhoi fighter jets, helicopters and 100,000 Kalashnikov rifles, and more deals for Russian tanks or other weaponry may be discussed after Medvedev arrives Wednesday.

B2 said...

Russia building 'Berlin Wall' in Georgia: FM


Russia to help Venezuela develop nuclear energy


Russia to complete Iran nuclear plant in 2009 -Tass


B2 said...

Monday, December 01, 2008

Chavez pushes for more time in office (end term limits and stay on until at least 2021).


B2 said...


Experts warn Barack Obama of 'hornet's nest' in Middle East

Iran poses the greatest foreign policy challenge to the new president with Tehran on course to produce a nuclear bomb in the first year of an Obama administration, an unprecedented coalition of top think tanks warned yesterday.