Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bryan thinks Civil War Looming...(my likely scenarios)

Millitias with WMD's planning assaults. Bricks and threats and assaults on Congressman! It is clear there are MANY more examples of movement toward a looming civil war.

Gov. Perry of Texas claims succession is a possibility he is considering. 17 other states follow Texas by declaring sovereignty! Over 30 states file lawsuits against federal gov't. regarding the healthcare bill. Many soldiers including officers refuse deployment based on Obama's citizenship (or lack of proof thereof). The extreme division Obama has brought...proof in the polls, tea party movement, etc. I'm telling you...and I've been saying it for quite some time...I'm pretty confident we are heading to a civil war. Not like the one in the history books. The millitary is too powerful for our militias and I highly doubt the fed. gov't. is dumb enough to attempt to go door to door (it's been tough cranking in Iraq and would be FAR tougher here). But I see no reason why self sufficient states such as Texas and Alaska couldn't succeed and refuse federal taxes and lead the way for 30-40 more red states. For the most part it could be done without too much bloodshed but it would leave our country split in two!  Then the "blue" country would attempt to keep businesses there and tax the crap out of them to provide entitlements and handouts for all the moochers that would come a runnin to the state for free food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, education, cell phones, abortions, etc. And the "RED" country would go back to what our forefathers intended and you better believe all the businesses and doctors, etc. would relocate there! The "RED" country could drill for it's own oil off the coast of Texas and Alaska and LA., etc. It would THRIVE and DOMINATE and the "blue" country would fall to it's own liberal policies pretty quickly kind of like the USSR in the cold war. It probably wouldn't be long before they would be asking to join the "RED" country again!

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