Monday, May 17, 2010

Reality Check On Our Nation's Debt!!!

Reality Check: Our nation's debt is currently over $12.9 TRILLION ($117,682 per taxpayer). We are in so deep that even if we seized 100% of the fortune's of Bill Gates $53B & Warren Buffett $47B, we would only be able to pay LESS THAN ONE PERCENT (.77%) of our total debt!
Our nation's debt is currently SO HIGH, (over $12.9 TRILLION, $117,682 per taxpayer) That even if we seized the ENTIRE FORTUNES of the ONE HUNDRED RICHEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD ($1.4 trillion) we would still only be able to pay 10.8% of our total debt!

Even the entire vast fortune's of the ONE THOUSAND RICHEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, would come NO WHERE NEAR paying off our debt.

But you know who is expected to pay off the debt...YOU AND I, OUR CHILDREN, OUR GRANDCHILDREN!!!...

Time to stand up for ourselves don't you think?!

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The World's Billionaires
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