Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Critical Race Theory Pushed in Omaha and Nation's Public Schools

“Open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell.” 
- Obama

With Breitbart's release of the elusive "Obama/Derrick Bell's Critical Race Theory" video on March 8th, it has come to national attention the administration's push to introduce "Critical Race Theory" (aka: Racist Indoctrination) into public school systems across the country.

Yesterday, Breitbart.com reported on a group known as Pacific Educational Group (PEG) who, with the approval of the Obama administration, and under the guise of closing achievement gaps between black and white students, is promoting teaching methods that discourage “black and brown” students from conforming to an inherently “white” -- and therefore racist -- curriculum. PEG also encourages teachers to conform to the presumed cultural backgrounds of students, rather than focusing on norms of assessment and accountability.

A promotional video for PEG explains that the organization targets “white culture” as the source of the problems that minority students face.

Critical Race Theory, which began at the margins of the legal academy, has been picked up by race-obsessed radicals and is being woven deeper into the fabric of government education--with Obama’s apparent blessing, and at taxpayer expense.

Unfortunately, Omaha does not escape the racist agenda.

Many are already aware of the push by the OPS system to begin indoctrination of students and staff. The school district has already spent more than $130,000 in taxpayer-funded federal stimulus money to purchase 8,000 copies of a book pushing racial discrimination, "The Cultural Proficiency Journey".

The book, being pushed by the Progressive Research Institute of Nebraska contends that only those educators who acknowledge the existence of white privilege in America, that "white" is a culture in America and that race "is a definer for social and economic status" can reach proficiency. Those who score poorly on a worksheet are asked in the book what they will do "to align yourself with the values expressed."

Karen Abrams, board president of the Progressive Research Institute of Nebraska, challenged OPS to implement culturally proficient practices throughout its system including hiring more teachers who reflect their students' ethnicities.

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It is evident that indoctrination isn't exclusive to our colleges and universities any longer.

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