Thursday, April 05, 2012

More Info on Americans Elect's Attempt to Steal Election

Few are aware of the push by the highly funded and highly organized group Americans Elect (even in Nebraska where AE has been successful) to get an independent candidate on the ballot in all 50 states. 

Collecting over 2 million signatures, currently AE has been approved for ballot access in 21 states. The group is funded by folks with ties to prominent democrats like Obama and the Clintons. Are the Rothschilds behind AE as well?

AE plans to hold an Internet vote to decide who will run as the independent candidate in November’s Election. It is likely that their intent is to push a right leaning candidate in order to steal votes from the Republican nominee. Because their Internet voting process is vague and authenticity of votes and outcome are hard to verify, those in charge of AE are able to rig and push whichever candidate they so choose. 

It appears AE accepts large denomination "donations" and repays the donors with interest. The money they used to pay back the whales (with interest) comes from the much larger pool of (much smaller) donors.

Maybe I'm missing something here, but how isn't this a pyramid scheme? If someone donates a million dollars to AE, and is repaid OVER a million dollars in return, how is that a donation? All of the small donations are funding interest and principle payments on these loans made by the largest contributors.

 Is AE a viable threat? Is it time to do something about it now…before it’s too late?

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Rothschilds behind Americans Elect Push?