Saturday, May 12, 2012

Inside Romney's Private Fundraiser (Omaha)

 - by Bryan Baumgart - May 10, 2012

Governor Mitt Romney visited Omaha today, speaking to an audience of about 500 people at a private fundraiser hosted by Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman at the downtown Hilton.  More than $800,000 was raised for Romney in what Omaha businessman Bruce Lauritzen called the most successful political fundraiser in Nebraska history.

After the private fundraiser, Romney spoke to a crowd at a public rally at Rick’s Café Boatyard.

Romney pointed out that President Clinton often described himself as a new Democrat, but that President Obama is anything but…referring to him as an “old Democrat” who is much more liberal than Clinton.

“He's not the new Democrat. He's the old Democrat. Bill Clinton said the era of big government is over. This president has brought back the era of big government with a vengeance,” Romney said.

“Obama wants “hope” and “change”.  Well I agree.  I hope to change the out of control spending he is doing now,” Romney said.

Romney chided Obama’s attempts at painting himself as a supporter of energy independence, stating that Obama has prevented oil exploration, hindered the coal industry, and claims we don’t’ have enough coal and oil resources to support this country.

He stated, “I support coal, oil, wind, solar and any means of energy we can harness. Obama say’s he supports all of the above, but what he really means is that he supports all energy sources that come from above ground.”

Romney pointed out Obama’s spending record which includes racking up $5 trillion in national debt by spending more than all of the previous presidents combined.

“If he gets another four years, that’s going to go up another $4 trillion,” he said.

Obama wants to keep it a secret, but Romney said he plans to inform college students what their paychecks will look like if Obama is allowed to continue racking up debt.

Romney promised his first priority after becoming president would be to repeal Obamacare.  He also promised to get the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada here as well.

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