Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Republicans Not Democrats Have Better Plan For Social Assistance

by: Bryan Baumgart - May 28, 2012

I ran across a stat today (there are over 65 million Catholics in the US which means Catholics, and Christians, and anyone of faith... following the precepts of their faith alone could control the outcome of elections) and it made me consider why so many Catholics and Christians and those of all faiths would ever vote for the democratic party. They do so (often ignoring important precepts of their faith such as the right to life), rationalizing their decision by telling themselves that by voting democrat they are somehow helping the poor and needy.

This illustrates a most urgent fact. The Republicans need to do a much better job communicating the reality that if one truly wants to help the poor and needy, wealth is required to do so. That while the democrat’s social policies such as entitlement programs are aimed at helping the poor and needy, the democrat’s economic policies destroy the wealth required for ongoing charity.

That Republican economic policies that lead to wealth creation, combined with Republican social policies encouraging charitable giving through tax credits not only leads to more effective social assistance (because government programs are very ineffective including government social programs), but guarantees the sustainability of social assistance for the poor and needy. AND…furthermore, it does so while respecting the potential of the individual and encouraging the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

While the democrat’s entitlement programs destroy personal accountability and breed generations of dependence, charities supported by Republican policies encourage and motivate the individual to strive to reach their full potential rather than enabling dependence. THIS should be the Republican’s #1 message, and we should communicate the message much more loud and much more clear!!!

The party currently has a stigma of creating wealth for selfish purposes.  To change this perception, in all the GOP says and does, it should be stressed that the party seeks to create wealth in order to better serve the needy. The concept should become a central principle of the Republican platform.

* The Republican Party will seek to help our brothers and sisters who have fallen on difficult times, through business friendly economic policies which create wealth and through the encouragement of increased charitable giving to those private charities which efficiently and effectively serve the needs of our brothers and sisters in helping them back on their feet and back on their pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

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