Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Review of MY Predictions from Day After Election 2008

October 31, 2012 -

-Bryan Baumgart

On the night of Election Day 2008, after it became painfully evident that the democrats had not only gained control of the White House but also super majorities in both houses of congress, I made some predictions for obama's first term in a post titled "And The Wait Is On".

I want to look back on that post and those predictions now:

1.) Iran WILL achieve nuclear capability within the next 4 years. Because of our overextended millitary and Obama's anti-war stance he has sold to the public, the United States will be relegated to the sidelines while the rest of the world waits on our decision.

With Iran's promise to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, Obama will demand Israel hold off on pre-emptive strikes until the Iranian nukes begin falling in Israel and Obama is FORCED to finally get in the game.
 * Though I will admit that Iran hasn't fully achieved nuclear capability at this time, it has actually EXPANDED uranium enrichment and it is now estimated (for the exact reasons I predicted), Iran could achieve weapons grade uranium within weeks and a nuclear device within months.

2.) Fundamentalist Islamic insurgents will overthrow the current democratically elected governement in Iraq and make it the center for the world's terrorist organizations such as Al Qaida, focusing on training, recruiting and re-organizing their jihad. Not to mention the certain genocide that will follow the overthrow of the current Iraqi government. Once again, Obama's anti-Iraqi war stance along with his pride will relegate the United States to the sidelines while the rest of the world waits on our decision.
* It is only fair to admit that I am only partially correct on this prediction as far as specific details; however, I am accurate if you remove the specific country (Iraq) from the statement. Iraq certainly has become a hotbed for Islamic insurgents evidenced by my post on Monday. And we are all aware of the consequences of the Arab Spring movement, which left majorities of the middle east controlled by or sympathetic to anti-American terrorist organizations.  The consequences have been devastating thus far.  One has only to look to the recent terrorist attacks against the American consulate in Benghazi Libya as proof.

3.) America will experience another terrorist attack on the same level or greater than the Septer 11th attacks sometime within the next 6 years. While the Bush administration can be credited with keeping the United States safe and free from future terrorist attacks for all 7 years following the September 11th attacks by keeping Al Qaida on the run and taking out much of its upper-level leaders making it impossible for Al Qaida to re-organize, the Obama administration WILL be credited with doing just the opposite. I could go on to guarantee that after America experiences this future terrorist attack because of Obama policies, the Republicans will go on to dominate another decade of American politics.
* While many terrorist attacks on American soil have been thwarted, the attack in Benghazi Libya on the American Consulate certainly constitutes a terrorist attack on American soil! It would be hard to argue that this attack was on the same level as the attacks carried out on September 11, 2001...but certainly these attacks were devastating for our country.  And unlike the actions of President Bush in 2001, it is revealed that President obama actually played a key role in the outcome and cover-up of the attacks in Libya which left four Americans dead. Note that I said within SIX years.  Because of the deteriorating condition of the middle-east and the increased influence of anti-American terrorist organizations abroad thanks to obama's policies, I stick by my prediction for the next two years!

4.) Russia will not only invade Georgia but also move on to the Ukraine and other former territories of the Soviet Union.
5.) Venezuela's Hugo Chavez will begin his goal of realizing the dream of Simon Bolivar by invading Columbia and daring Obama to act.
* I was mostly wrong on both accounts. You have to admit though, that both countries have become increasingly emboldened over the past four years, and have dramatically stepped up their move toward communism. Their cooperation with Iran and other American foes have left us in a precarious situation.  It's no wonder that the dictators of both countries support obama.

6.) Obama's tax policies will make it impossible for our economy to recover, thus...our millitary will weaken and our national security will follow!!
* I get to claim 100% accuracy on this one!!!  Not only has obama increased the deficit over $5,005,000,000,000.00 so far, it is projected to get much worse. The job loss under obama has been so staggering that unemployment actually went down because so many people quit looking for work after all hope of ever finding a job had been destroyed. Tuition is up, food prices are up, gas prices are WAY up, and so is spending under obama. He has spent $16,096,000,000,000.00 so far and plans another $3.72 trillion dollars for 2013.  And this is only the amount congress approved for him.  He actually requested much more. His proposed budget was so crazy that it received ZERO votes; not even a single democrat would back it!  As obama has pointed out recently, he plans to allow the Bush era tax cuts to expire which means EVERYONE'S taxes increase (including the middle class).  It means less money for job creators to create jobs which means unemployment will continue to be stagnant. When obamacare kicks in (the largest tax increase in American history), the middle class will be hit hardest.

What does this mean for the military?  Well as obama also pointed out, he plans to let sequestration go into effect which will effectively gut the military of 10% of it's budget. The Office of Management and Budget wrote, "The report leaves no question that the sequestration would be deeply destructive to national security, domestic investments and core government functions.”

Of course this economic crisis brought on by the democrats may end up being a blessing in disguise for America. Hopefully their won't be money in the treasury for Obama to seek his proposal for national healthcare. Otherwise I would be predicting the mass exodus of doctors out of America and the looming failure of the United States healthcare system.
* Well, I stand corrected!!!  No lack of funding was going to stop this crazy spender from pushing obamacare through!!!  It hasn't even kicked in yet and the doctor shortages are being reported, and with them...the ridiculously long waits for simple procedures as the quality of care has already begins to plummet. A current shortage of over 13,000 doctors is expected to increase ten fold under obamacare.  It has already hit us close to home here in Omaha, where the World Herald reported yesterday that "Thirty-eight employees at the Nebraska Medical Center will lose their jobs by the end of the year, and 100 open positions will remain unfilled as officials prepare for the looming healthcare reforms (aka: obamacare).

I certainly can't say this was fun reminiscing on my predictions from four years ago and realizing the true consequences of obama's presidency.  It is my hope that by doing so, we can avoid the same mistakes we made on that fateful day on November 4, 2008, and provide our country with some long overdue HOPE!!!

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